less > more

Less-is-greater-than-moreEven that title challenges me (will-try-to-use-fewest-words-possible). Who has time to read a long blog anyway?

I resolve to live with less. Today that means subtracting things from my closet, as in: 4 pairs of sandals, 4 purses, 12 articles of clothing.

Less = MORE

More room to see. To see what is there. Or better yet, to see nothing.

No-things. Ahhh. I feel better already.

My inspiration? A bunch of things:

Reading the book Seven by Jen Hatmaker. Another one: Everything that Remains by the Minimalists. Watching Tiny House Hunters. Helping friends/family members move households recently and seeing my own excess in light of theirs. Traveling this weekend with just the bare essentials and realizing I had enough with me.

And that back home, I have had enough of too much. This is just the beginning of a new equation.


3 thoughts on “less > more

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  1. Thanks Tracy! Just requested it from the library (the ELECTRONIC VERSION, so it can be on my kindle, and not clutter the nightstand haha!). The possessions are just the beginning. There are the emails; the photos; the lists of music/movies and even, sadly, books I want to get to. I have to be more selective and keep smaller inventories of it all, even if it is free or cheap, as it often is for thrifters and bargain hunters like you and me!


  2. Yes! Several years ago, I started working on simplifying, paring down, reducing and recycling, etc. I realized that with every possession came maintenance, repair and replacement, angst over loss or damage…It’s a process.

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